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What really sets Mills & Reeve apart from other law firms is the way we work with you. We understand that clients no longer want a traditional law firm in the 21st century – you want one that embraces forward thinking approaches to service, billing, commercial know-how, innovation, people management and community engagement.

Using the infectious ambition that runs right through our culture we believe we have created a law firm that offers you just that. Mills & Reeve is in step with your thinking and always ready to refresh our offering to meet your evolving needs.

You’ll also see a difference in the energy and commitment that our people give you in addition to their professional guidance. We are lawyers who are always looking to find ways to do things even better to benefit you.

Forget traditional. Mills & Reeve gives you progressive and better.

Our business model is straightforward – the highest quality advice, outstanding client service and value for money.

The model is underpinned by a highly collaborative culture, which has created an infectious ambition to grow. Increased scale and focus have enabled us to achieve leading positions in our work for substantial and high growth businesses and individuals as well as in the health, higher education and further education sectors, real estate and insurance across the UK.

Our clients talk about the strong relationships that we build with them. We like that as those relationships are the true measure of our success.

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What Manchester does today: contract clause to play key role in tram dispute

The case of Transport for Greater Manchester v Thales Transport & Security Ltd involved a contract for a new tramway operating system in Manchester. Mills & Reeves outlines the case's background and explains why a contract clause has given Manchester a tactical advantage in the dispute.

Law Firm: Mills & Reeve | Published: 26 February 2013 | Practice Area: Practice and Procedure

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Patently copyright is not a patent – types of IP in the UK

In the UK, copyright and patents are different types of IP and it is not possible to patent copyright in itself and claiming copyright is different to patenting an invention. Mills & Reeve summarise the four main types of IP protection available in the UK: copyright, trademarks, designs and patents.

Law Firm: Mills & Reeve | Published: 19 February 2013 | Practice Area: Designs

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Period property: Building Information Modelling set for 2016

Although the idea of Building Information Modelling has been around for a while, it appears to have taken off only relatively recently in the UK, with central Government setting a target to get to Level 2 BIM on all of its major projects by 2016. Mills & Reeve provides a general overview.

Law Firm: Mills & Reeve | Published: 22 January 2013 | Practice Area: Conveyancing

A review of 2012's key employment law developments

Mills & Reeve reviews some of the key developments of 2012 and looks forward to what could be in store for the rest of this year. Areas under discussion include employment tribunals, compulsory retirement, workplace flexibility, collective redundancies and the narrowing scope of TUPE protection.

Law Firm: Mills & Reeve | Published: 10 January 2013 | Practice Area: Equal Treatment

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US Supreme Court considers affirmative action in key discrimination case

On 10 October, the Supreme Court of the United States of America heard the case of Abigail Fisher v University of Texas at Austin. Mills & Reeve provide a brief overview of the case and its signficance for education and public law; and looks at how it might have proceeded under English law.

Law Firm: Mills & Reeve | Published: 12 December 2012 | Practice Area: Regulation and Enforcement

Employment law: Autumn round-up; 2013 preview; legislation tracker

As the end of 2012 approaches, Mills & Reeve consider how it will be remembered with an in-depth review of noteworthy employment law developments. As well as reviewing these major developments, this update also anticipates some of the changes employers are likely to face in 2013.

Law Firm: Mills & Reeve | Published: 03 December 2012 | Practice Area: Termination of Contract

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Ensuring your side letter is more than an “agreement to agree”

Mills & Reeve provide an overview of the Barbudev decision, focusing on the issues the Court of Appeal found with a side letter. Additionaly, this briefing outlines how those drafting side letters can be certain that their document would pass the test of what a true contract should contain.

Law Firm: Mills & Reeve | Published: 17 October 2012 | Practice Area: Boilerplate

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'Battle of the forms' – arguing that your own standard terms don’t apply

Mills & Reeve looks at why the recent Scots law case of Specialist Insulation Ltd v Pro-Duct Ltd is a timely reminder of the importance of being clear about which terms apply to a contract; and provides four simple steps to increase the chance of your standard terms applying.

Law Firm: Mills & Reeve | Published: 09 October 2012 | Practice Area: Litigation

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Independent health sector - a review of recent issues

The healthcare market has proved to be more encouraging than other sectors for deal activity in the post recession years. With this in mind, Mills & Reeve provide a round-up of recent legal issues within the sector, including M&A activity, the CQC's report, NHS reforms and sector regulation.

Law Firm: Mills & Reeve | Published: 07 September 2012 | Practice Area: Health Care

Winterbourne View Hospital scandal - Serious Case Review published

In May 2011, a BBC Panorama programe exposed widespread abuse at Winterbourne View Hospital of people with autism and learning disabilities. Mills & Reeve look at the recommendations made in the recently published Serious Case Review and how this sets the scene for the Mid Staffs report.

Law Firm: Mills & Reeve | Published: 03 September 2012 | Practice Area: Social Housing

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