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In an increasingly complex global business environment and facing an evolving regulatory landscape, leaders have a responsibility to make decisions that effectively mitigate risks and comply with global standards.

Kroll is the leading global provider of risk solutions. We help our clients prevent, respond to and remediate risk, leveraging our 40 years of expertise in screening, investigations & intelligence, analytics, and data management.

Headquartered in New York with 55 offices across 26 countries, Kroll has a multidisciplinary team of nearly 2,300 employees.


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How to avoid bribery and corruption charges in the digital age: senior lawyers and execs surveyed

A new survey of in-house lawyers, partners and company execs has found that while almost 90% of respondents said their company’s compliance programme specifically addresses bribery and corruption, the extent to which safeguards are put in place to detect and prevent those risks varied greatly.

Law Firm: Kroll | Published: 22 September 2016 | Practice Area: Financial Services Regulation

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The biggest threats to your confidential data: how to stay one step ahead of insider data leaks

A recent survey of 86 general counsel and in-house lawyers found that many companies are blind to the real threats facing their confidential data. This video discussion looks at the steps businesses can take to improve their data security, both physically and culturally.

Law Firm: Kroll | Published: 22 September 2015 | Practice Area: Confidentiality

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The unusual suspects - the biggest threats to your confidential data

This report, which is based on a survey of 86 general counsel and other in-house lawyers, tackles the thorny issue of data breaches. Subjects covered include the main perpetrators of such breaches, the types of information that tends to be taken, and the damage that can result from a breach.

Law Firm: Kroll | Published: 21 September 2015 | Practice Area: Technology

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How businesses are dealing with regulatory scrutiny: 101 in-house lawyers surveyed

With businesses facing unprecedented levels of scrutiny, managing the vast amounts of data they produce has become a major headache. Legal Week, in association with Kroll Ontrack, surveyed 101 GCs and in-house lawyers to find out how companies are dealing with litigation and regulatory data demands.

Law Firm: Kroll | Published: 01 June 2015 | Practice Area: Regulation and Enforcement

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An A-Z glossary of legal technology terms

Do you know your GIFs from your TIFFs? Your metadata from your residual data? To ensure you are up to date with modern IT jargon, this Kroll Ontrack glossary offers a useful A-Z guide to legal technology terminology, with a focus on terms relevant to electronic discovery.

Law Firm: Kroll | Published: 21 May 2015 | Practice Area: Security

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Do enough companies have solid whistleblowing procedures in place?

In this video, Legal Week Intelligence director of research Des Cahill talks to Benedict Hamilton, a managing director at global investigations firm Kroll, about new Legal Week research which has found that many companies do not have solid procedures in place for staff to report wrongdoing.

Law Firm: Kroll | Published: 22 September 2014 | Practice Area: Anti Money Laundering

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Silence isn't golden - blowing the whistle on corporate crime

Despite a growing number of whistleblowing cases hitting the headlines, a new survey has shown many companies do not have solid procedures in place for staff to report wrongdoing. This report explains how organisations can create a credible programme, and identifies the pitfalls to watch out for.

Law Firm: Kroll | Published: 11 September 2014 | Practice Area: Contract of Employment and Statutory rights

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Cities of gold? Fraud and corruption in emerging markets: a survival guide

Emerging markets are enticing for any firm looking to expand, but they also present a number of difficulties for the unprepared. This survey from Legal Week in association with Kroll demonstrates how a little knowledge of a country prior to investment can go a very long way.

Law Firm: Kroll | Published: 10 October 2013 | Practice Area: Enforcement and Regulation

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Video: fraud and corruption in emerging markets - practical considerations for GCs

In this video, Kroll managing director Zoe Newman and Boston Consulting GC Jeremy Barton discuss fraud and corruption in emerging markets, covering local management issues, information security and the regulatory landscape in in high-risk jurisdictions, as well as practical implications for GCs.

Law Firm: Kroll | Published: 19 September 2013 | Practice Area: Regulators and Enforcement

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Global fraud report - 800 senior execs on how their businesses are fighting fraud

Kroll's fourth annual Global Fraud Report highlights emerging trends to help minimise both the likelihood of fraud and the scale of its impact. The report also looks at the variations in the nature of the threat of fraud across different regions.

Law Firm: Kroll | Published: 20 October 2010 | Practice Area: Financial Crime and Fraud

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