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Tackling charity sector fraud: the key issues to focus on

With talk of the regime of 'adequate procedures' introduced by the UK Bribery Act being extended to cover fraud, this briefing looks at how this might affect charities and what action they need to take.

Law Firm: Grant Thornton | Published: 20 February 2017 | Practice Area: Financial Crime and Fraud

Enhanced audit reporting: assessing the impact on disputes

Extended audit reporting requirements are set to have a significant impact on how claims and inquiries, particularly those involving auditors, are conducted, as this Grant Thornton briefing explains.

Law Firm: Grant Thornton | Published: 10 January 2017 | Practice Area: Litigation and Dispute Resolution

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Fraud risks facing local authorities: new government proposals raise concerns

The UK Government is planning a big change in corporate law, making boards criminally liable for certain offences perpetrated by their employees that will include fraud. This briefing addresses how this might affect the local government sector.

Law Firm: Grant Thornton | Published: 16 December 2016 | Practice Area: Financial Crime and Fraud

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Divorce, the economy and Brexit - the key issues facing family lawyers

It is an uncertain time for family law: will Brexit have an impact? Could leaving the EU impact on London’s popularity as a centre for divorce? This report looks at the key issues currently facing family lawyers, including detailed issues surrounding divorce in practice and in principle.

Law Firm: Grant Thornton | Published: 07 December 2016 | Practice Area: Family Law

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Why new laws to prevent fraud may affect the public sector

New legislation planned to criminalise boards who fail to control internal fraud may affect public sector and not-for-profit organisations. This article covers plans proposed by the UK Government to expand the responsibilities of board members to address fraud risks.

Law Firm: Grant Thornton | Published: 30 November 2016 | Practice Area: Financial Crime and Fraud

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The importance of a valuation date - why the right thing at the wrong time can be the wrong thing

"The right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing" is a quote which strikes a chord when considering the date of valuation in disputes. This article focuses on the importance of date for the commonly used valuation method of discounted cashflow.

Law Firm: Grant Thornton | Published: 21 November 2016 | Practice Area: Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Strengthening links in the evidential chain: the lesser-known benefits of blockchain

Blockchain - the technology underpinning digital currencies such as Bitcoin - has the potential to disrupt financial markets, and has consolidated its place in the mainstream in recent months. However, it is not just digital currencies that stand to benefit from blockchain, as this article explains.

Law Firm: Grant Thornton | Published: 07 November 2016 | Practice Area: Information Technology

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A smarter way to get deals done: what is accepted market practice for sale and purchase agreements?

This report draws on the views of more than 150 deal participants - including c-suite executives, lawyers and corporate financiers - on their recent experiences of doing deals, including the areas that cause difficulty and disagreement, to establish what constitutes accepted market practice.

Law Firm: Grant Thornton | Published: 21 October 2016 | Practice Area: Sale and Supply of Goods and Services

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Proposed changes to the SRA Accounts Rules: benefits for law firms and key areas of concern

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) recently consulted on proposed changes to the SRA Accounts Rules. This document, which contains Grant Thornton's response to the consultation, looks at the positive outcomes stemming from the consultation and the key concerns which require further review.

Law Firm: Grant Thornton | Published: 17 October 2016 | Practice Area: Consumer Protection

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Greece: Is momentum now building in the restructuring and non-performing loan market?

Non-performing loans (NPLs) represent a critical challenge for the Greek banking system and the economy generally; identifying the challenge is one thing, finding a solution is far from easy.

Law Firm: Grant Thornton | Published: 04 October 2016 | Practice Area: Administrative and Public Law

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