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Clyde & Co, a leading international law firm, opens doors and helps you do business across 120 countries. We focus on delivering a full range of legal services, especially those of a complex, high-profile, multi-jurisdictional nature, to our core sectors of aviation, insurance and reinsurance, international trade and energy and shipping.

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Cross-border mergers: an effective method of corporate restructuring

Although the benefits of conventional mergers, acquisitions and disposals are widely known, the benefits of the first ‘true legal merger' introduced to the English legal system by The Companies (Cross-Border Mergers) Regulations 2007, are less well known. Clyde & Co provides a general overview.

Law Firm: Clyde & Co | Published: 11 July 2013 | Practice Area: Corporate Governance

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Asian cyber wars – the new frontier

Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly prevalent and highlight the increasing need for cyber-liability insurance products across Asia to cushion the liability exposure of companies that process and retain personal data. Clyde & Co highlight potential liability, compliance issues and recent trends.

Law Firm: Clyde & Co | Published: 26 November 2012 | Practice Area: Regulation and Insurance

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Arbitral institutions at war - Beijing v Shanghai and Shenzhen

On 1 August 2012, CIETAC announced that authorisation to the CIETAC Shanghai and CIETAC South China Sub-Commissions for accepting and administering arbitration was to be suspended with immediate effect. Clyde & Co provide a brief history of the conflict and recommendations on the way forward.

Law Firm: Clyde & Co | Published: 17 October 2012 | Practice Area: Remedies and Enforcement

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Acting outside the box: how emerging dispute resolution centres are attracting business

This article examines jurisdictions that are, through the use of innovative dispute resolution methods, attracting parties wishing to resolve disputes, particularly cross-border, in closer proximity to the location of the dispute and inamore efficient manner than previously available.

Law Firm: Clyde & Co | Published: 11 June 2012 | Practice Area: Practice and Procedure

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How arbitration is being pushed into the mainstream in China

International arbitration in China is becoming a popular dispute resolution method, especially in contracts between Chinese and foreign parties on cross-border transactions. This article from Clyde and Co outlines how and why arbitration is becoming a crucial tool to China-related disputes.

Law Firm: Clyde & Co | Published: 29 May 2012 | Practice Area: Remedies and Enforcement

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Aviation update - EU Emissions; employment changes; next generation civil aviation

This briefing looks at a variety of topical issues in the aviation industry, including an update on EU Emissions Trading Scheme; the changing horizon of employment law in the aviation sector; air passenger duty; airline payment surcharges; and 'next generation' civil aviation.

Law Firm: Clyde & Co | Published: 10 February 2012 | Practice Area: Air

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How to protect your ship from Somalian pirates

Piracy has become a serious threat to shipping across large parts of the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea. In the first nine months of 2011, 346 attacks on vessels had been reported to the IMB Piracy Reporting Centre. This briefing outlines protection measures and their legal and practical issues.

Law Firm: Clyde & Co | Published: 07 November 2011 | Practice Area: Sea

Iran, Libya and Ivory Coast sanctions - legal implications of political unrest

In light of the continued unrest in the Middle East and North Africa, Clyde & Co provides details on the regulations and sanctions affecting Iran, Libya and the Ivory Coast.

Law Firm: Clyde & Co | Published: 27 April 2011 | Practice Area: Cross Border

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Environment newsletter - updates and recent developments

This environment update from Clyde & Co covers: the UK renewables obligation; the Green Investment Bank Commission report; REACH; aviation; The ATA case against the Eu ETS; and aviation and shipping emissions.

Law Firm: Clyde & Co | Published: 08 July 2010 | Practice Area: Regulation and Enforcement

Obtaining evidence in England for use in foreign proceedings

Due to the increase in global trade and communication it is becoming increasingly evident that important evidence required for proceedings outside of England will often be located in England.

Law Firm: Clyde & Co | Published: 02 July 2010 | Practice Area: Litigation

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