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ALM Legal Intelligence offers detailed business information and competitive intelligence about the legal industry to top U.S. and international law firms and their clients. ALM Legal Intelligence Online,, is an integrated, online database of industry leading surveys and more. Covering all of our rankings and surveys- attorney counts, billing, branch offices, corporate representation and capital markets work, corporate legal departments, diversity and pro bono – enables legal industry professionals to assess competitors, identify client opportunities, and benchmark performance anytime, from anywhere in the world. 

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The New Law Firm C-Suite: Realizing Performance Potential

Few roles within law firms have increased in importance during the past two decades more than those in the C-Suite. ALM’s second annual C-Suite Survey highlights the evolving importance of these roles.

Law Firm: ALM Intelligence | Published: 01 June 2017 | Practice Area: Employment

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Minimising risk in lateral partner hiring: effective due diligence

This report examines the obstacles firms face when navigating the due diligence stage lateral partner hiring, and equips firm leaders with practical tools for improving the objectivity and value of candidate evaluations.

Law Firm: ALM Intelligence | Published: 24 May 2017 | Practice Area: Company Secretariat

Cybersecurity and law firms: defeating hackers, winning clients

Vulnerabilities in law firms’ internal data security present an unprecedented existential threat. This report assesses the changing cybersecurity landscape and offers guidance for law firms in ensuring cybersecurity preparedness.

Law Firm: ALM Intelligence | Published: 17 May 2017 | Practice Area: Employment

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A new approach to law firm mergers: lessons learned from 15 years of consolidation

While law firm mergers offer many benefits, they also pose many risks. This report, which draws on interviews with law firm leaders, reveals that mergers are often destabilizing events that create firms that struggle to grow, and offers advice on assessing merger candidates more effectively.

Law Firm: ALM Intelligence | Published: 25 April 2017 | Practice Area: Company Administration

The flashpoints hindering gender parity in law: a best practice guide to improving diversity

Diversity is rising up the agenda for law firms, with more and more GCs now demanding a better gender balance among their external advisers. This report, which looks at some of the flashpoints hindering progress, includes a best practice checklist for firms aiming to boost diversity among their ranks...view abstract

Law Firm: ALM Intelligence | Published: 20 April 2017 | Practice Area: Corporate

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Is the legal industry ripe for disruption? Testing the pulse of technology in the business of law

Technological advances have changed the way we learn, communicate, and grow. As the next generations of lawyers come up in the legal industry, they will depend on - and demand - the continued advancement of technology. What does this mean for the legal industry?

Law Firm: ALM Intelligence | Published: 25 January 2017 | Practice Area: Systems

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