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"We are one of a small group of truly international and integrated law firms with approximately 5,000 staff, including over 450 partners, working in 33 major centres worldwide.

"We also operate in regions where we do not have an office via our network of International Desks."

Global cover, deep local roots

The tree analogy best illustrates what Allen & Overy must achieve to be global: broad international cover with deep local roots.

"We must be present in those locations which are the source or destination of the major international capital flows and in the financial centres that handle those flows. But we must also build deep, well-informed and well-connected local law practices in those locations which allow us to assist global and national clients alike. That is a strategy which only a handful of law firms is successfully pursuing at the highest level."

Acting responsibly

"As a law firm, we are interested in fairness. That is why ‘justice around the world’ is the theme we have adopted to express our commitment to behaving responsibly. It reflects our belief that everyone deserves fair treatment."

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The Court of Justice of the European Union finds the arbitration provision in The Netherlands-Slovakia BIT incompatible with EU law

A Court of Justice of the European Union judgement on bilateral investment treaties.

Law Firm: Allen & Overy | Published: 16 March 2018 | Practice Area: EU Competition Law

Supreme Court limits scope of safe harbor protection for avoidance actions

Analysis of an important Supreme Court decision relating to Section 546(e) of the Bankruptcy Code, which protects certain transfers from clawback under the avoidable transfer provisions of the Bankruptcy Code.

Law Firm: Allen & Overy | Published: 05 March 2018 | Practice Area: Company Secretariat

UK in a position to ratify the UPC Agreement

The UK has now completed all of the necessary legislative steps to enable it to ratify the UPC Agreement.

Law Firm: Allen & Overy | Published: 27 February 2018 | Practice Area: EU Competition Law

"Transfer" means transfer: LSTA CLO decision raises broader questions regarding U.S. risk retention rules

A look at the decision made by the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit Court in the case of Loan Syndications & Trading Ass’n v. SEC, on February 9 2018.

Law Firm: Allen & Overy | Published: 20 February 2018 | Practice Area: Capital Markets and Debt Securities

Revised prudential framework for investment firms

A look at the European Commission's proposals to revise the framework for the prudential regulation of investment firms.

Law Firm: Allen & Overy | Published: 19 February 2018 | Practice Area: Corporate

Global trends in merger control enforcement

A collection and analysis of data on merger control activity for 2017 from 26 jurisdictions, focussing in particular on the US, EU and China.

Law Firm: Allen & Overy | Published: 16 February 2018 | Practice Area: Insolvency

The rise and rise of arbitration in banking and finance disputes

A look at the impact of the significant increase in the popularity of arbitration as a means of resolving disputes arising in the finance sector.

Law Firm: Allen & Overy | Published: 15 February 2018 | Practice Area: Administrative and Public Law

Using artificial intelligence to fight financial crime – a legal risk perspective

Four potential risks to consider before AI is incorporated into financial crime or anti-money laundering processes.

Law Firm: Allen & Overy | Published: 08 February 2018 | Practice Area: Banking and Finance

Rating: 2 people found this useful

Top finance litigation and contractual developments in 2017

A round-up of the most interesting banking litigation and contractual developments in 2017.

Law Firm: Allen & Overy | Published: 01 February 2018 | Practice Area: Administrative and Public Law

Rating: 3 people found this useful

Banking on the blockchain

This article provides an overview of the efficiencies gained by using blockchain infrastructure for bond issuances, focusing on one case study.

Law Firm: Allen & Overy | Published: 29 January 2018 | Practice Area: Corporate

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