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Time for tech to clock-on? Uber and the death of the gig economy


So that's it. The Courts have said Uber drivers are employees and Teresa May 's announced review of employment practices  means we're all going to have to be wage-slaves, like it or not.

Not quite. An employment tribunal  (not 'The Courts') has said that Uber drivers are 'workers', not 'employees'. That is to say they fit a specific statutory definition that means they are entitled to some specific rights, notably holiday pay and sick pay.  They don't become employees: they don't get unfair-dismissal protection, nor maternity rights.

Despite Uber's protestations, the case in no way endangers their business model, merely their margins. Expect, after a lot of fuss, fares to rise.  Don't, as both the Hitchhiker's Guide and Corporal Jones are wont to say, panic.

Instead, worry.