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Public private partnerships across the Gulf Cooperation Council


This report takes a high-level look at each of the GCC counties, considers the progress they have made to date in developing a PPP market, and explores how they might progress in 2017. One of the challenges in addressing this topic is that there are many different understandings of what constitutes a PPP. Whilst a variety of different models is healthy, in this paper we are primarily referring to long-term contracts (typically 15 years or more) between a private partner and a government partner in which the private partner provides a public asset or service, including financing, design, construction, operation and maintenance, with the bulk of its remuneration being based on the availability or condition of the asset and/or the quality of the service over the operating period. This paper does not address the power (including renewables), water or natural resources markets in any detail, as these are generally progressing – very successfully – along a parallel track, often based on sector specific legislation.