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Top 20 Legal IT Innovations 2017: what is driving systemic change in the legal industry?


If there is one word that sums up a central obsession in today's legal word, it is innovation. Law firms and their clients are both continually seeking innovation and being innovated for. It is time to ask - what does innovation actually mean? 

This report looks at 20 of the most significant legal IT innovations of recent years, in an effort to get to the heart of what innovation means for firms and clients by illustrating how new ways of doing things have shaken up a sector that has frequently been characterised as slow-moving and resistant to change.

These 20 innovations are changing the way legal professionals work, collaborate and purchase legal services in a variety of ways. From deploying artificial intelligence technology, to using law students as a paralegal resource, to the harnessing of natural language processing and statistical probability, all the innovations in this report confront and shake up the status quo.

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