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Is the legal industry ripe for disruption? Testing the pulse of technology in the business of law


When it comes to technological advancements and the impact they have on our society, Andrew McAfee - visionary futurist, Director of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy and keynote speaker at ALM's upcoming Legalweek, The Experience conference - put it best when he stated in his 2013 TED talk, 'What will future jobs look like?', that "we are in the middle of an astonishing period."

The progress that has been made in technology has and will continue to change the way we learn, communicate, and grow, both personally and professionally. We depend on technology such as smart phones, tablets, cloud computing and the internet, which have become omnipresent, because they make us more efficient, cost effective, and allow us to automate time-consuming tasks to improve the quality of service we provide to clients.

McAfee describes this high tech world that we live in as "the new machine age" and explains that our economy benefits from it because "technological progress is what allows us to continue this amazing recent run that we're on where output goes up over time, while at the same time, prices go down, and volume and quality just continue to explode."

As the next generations of attorneys come up in the legal industry, they will depend on and demand the continued advancement of technology. What does this mean for the legal industry?