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Happy families? The media and family courts


As debate on increased transparency and public confidence in the family courts rages on, the Judiciary recently published a document analysing the often difficult relationship between the media and family courts.

The report draws together a number of overlapping statutes, rules and common law principles which affect the ability of the media to inform the public about family proceedings. The principle aim being to inform future consideration of this sensitive area, including the questions of access to and reporting of proceedings by the media, whilst maintaining the privacy of the families involved.

The topics explored in detail include:
- access to court hearings;
- media access to court documents;
- reporting the courts;
- children's public law cases;
- children's private law cases;
- children's adoption cases;
- parental order applications
- matrimonial partnership causes
- appeals; and
- disclosure from family proceedings.

To read the full report, click 'View Briefing'.

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