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Global mobility handbook 2013 - a comprehensive guide to moving employees


The global movement of employees is essential to multinational organisations doing business in different countries. Getting the right people to the right places at the right time with proper support in a lawful manner is critical to the success of global businesses. Human resource professionals and corporate counsel are confronted with a maze of legal issues that must be considered before moving employees across borders.

This handbook identifies the key global immigration and mobility issues to consider regardless of the destination countries involved. Although the issues are inevitably intertwined, the chapters separately deal with immigration, employment, compensation and employee benefits, income taxes and social insurance, and global equity compensation.

The final section of the handbook is organised by country. For 43 separate jurisdictions, the handbook provides an executive summary, identifies key government agencies, and explains current trends before going into detail on visas appropriate for short term business travel, training, and employment assignments.

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