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The flashpoints hindering gender parity in law: a best practice guide to improving diversity


The legal profession is at a crossroads when it comes to gender diversity. As enforcers of equal opportunity, lawyers are at the forefront of the push for equality as a legal matter. At the same time, the law is consistently ranked as one of the worst industries for diversity, and has failed to improve, despite efforts to change.

In fact, the number of female lawyers at the 200 largest law firms in the US has flatlined at slightly over 30% for the past five years. At the same time, the number of diversity-driven GCs and corporate diversity initiatives has risen steadily, and so have their expectations for diversity within their outside counsel teams.

This report looks at some of the flashpoints hindering diversity in law, including statistics by practice and location, and includes a best practice checklist for firms aiming to improve diversity among their ranks.


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