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The general counsel: a sherpa or scapegoat for the C-suite?


As general counsel in a large company, your environment is fast paced and ever-changing. Words like 'disruption' or 'evolving landscape' are often used to describe the current legal industry.

Take this atmosphere and then add into the mix the albatross of cybersecurity — and there in the middle of the swirling storm, you will find the GC.

This storm is very much on the minds of legal department leaders when discussing the new and challenging responsibilities now placed on the heads of in-house counsel.

In this volatile environment, a GC is not only the legal leader of a company, but she is also required to be a strong business leader, a master of compliance and risk, a corporate strategist, and a protector of data — a kind of Sherpa for the C-Suite to guide and protect the company on the hike to the summit.

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