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Commercial early case assessment – in three easy steps


With the number of disputes and amount of regulatory monitoring and intervention increasing, new methods to identify and assess the merits of potential disputes and regulatory risk are being sought. General Counsel are seeking access to better information in less time to more fully understand the commercial impact of a case on their business in order to more quickly reach the decision-point of how to progress.

Through the application of specialist technologies in the document and data review workflow, much quicker access to critical data, documents, information and commercial analysis is now possible. Organisations are better able to prioritise efforts and resources across cases, and more quickly assess key areas such as; the identification of the legal areas; the potential quantum of claims to assist in negotiated settlements; and the identification of the potential heads of claim - all before launching formal legal proceedings.

In this article, Deloitte outlines how commercial early case assessment can be achieved in three stages.

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