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What are the biggest risks facing general counsel doing business in central and eastern Europe?


Central and eastern Europe (CEE) constitutes one of the most buoyant global markets. Rich in opportunity, the hub is attracting increasing investment from both east and west, while the number of global businesses establishing or expanding strategic operations in the region is growing.

Nevertheless, CEE is not without its challenges. The region remains a patchwork of evolving legal frameworks, changeable politics and still maturing markets in need of navigation - presenting some region-specific risks to prospective and current business operators.

With this in mind, Legal Week partnered with CMS, a longstanding player in CEE, and surveyed the views of more than 40 in-house counsel, to examine the region's business potential and how to mitigate subsequent risks. Respondents flagged a range of risk issues, from cyber security and product liability, to public procurement and corruption.

This joint report aims to provide strategic thought leadership on current and future investment in CEE and illustrates how businesses may build resilience to such risks.

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