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Austria as location for CEE holdings – Why, how, when?


Once the business strategy and the operative targets have been clearly defined, it may also be necessary to think about the ideal location for the main and/or regional headquarter(s) in CEE. Austria is attractive in many respects.

CEE know-how …
Proximity to CEE markets still constitutes the main cross-sector argument in favour of Austria as an investment location. CEE hot spots are quickly reachable by direct flights, trains and road links. Even more decisive is the know-how of the local workforce and consultants built up over the past two decades. In 2007, more than 70% of Austrian expatriates worked in this region1. As to external consultants, a quick glance at the orientation of the major Austrian companies (in particular the large corporate law firms) reveals a clear and coherent strategy: Strengthening and further expansion of the market position as major regional players in CEE. Companies located in Austria often have easier and quicker access to these resources, thus ignificantly facilitating their expansion steps into and within CEE.