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Arbitration in the Netherlands – The 2015 Dutch Arbitration Act


The Netherlands is an arbitration-friendly jurisdiction and arbitration has long been recognised and supported as the most important method of alternative dispute resolution. On 01.01.2015, a new arbitration act came into force pursuant to which Dutch arbitration law, applicable to all arbitrations seated in the Netherlands, was revised. The revised arbitration act (the Arbitration Act 2015 or 2015 Act) does not contain fundamental changes, but merely updates and improves the well-functioning previous Act of 1986 (the Arbitration Act 1986 or 1986 Act). The aim of the revision was to modernise Dutch arbitration law and make the Netherlands an even more attractive forum for international arbitration.

This article reflects on arbitration in the Netherlands in general and then discusses the most important changes brought by the 2015 Act.