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Antitrust authorities on the offensive - a mid-year report on global trends


The mid-year trends in global antitrust enforcement paint a daunting picture for businesses currently caught in the crosshairs of a cartel investigation.

- The insatiable appetite of mature regimes for ever-increasing fines continues unabated, with the US, EU, Brazil, South Korea, Japan and Australia on pace to surpass their 2013 fine levels, and overall global cartel enforcement totals on pace to hit record levels for 2014.

- There is also little end in sight for the growing number of authorities looking to punish international cartel conduct, with new regimes like China, Singapore and Russia joining the long list of authorities seeking to prosecute cartel conduct occurring beyond their borders.

- Filling a void left by US and EU authorities bent largely on the pursuit of international cartels, regional enforcers in the US and Europe have grown more aggressive.

While global antitrust fines are expected to hit a high-water mark yet again in 2014, their are also signs that the piling-on phenomenon at the root of these massive fine figures may be close to reaching its tipping point.

This Allen & Overy report looks at key trends across all of the major global jurisdictions.


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